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Why use Black Pearl Private Clients?

Peace of mind

John Collins, the Principal of Black Pearl Private Clients, has 18 years experience empowering private business owners to take control of the business exit, succession and estate planning process.   By engaging with a specialist firm to structure, document and implement a strategic plan around these key areas, you are able to create, enhance and preserve peace of mind and family harmony.   You and your family can relax in the knowledge that there is a well developed strategy with expert support should it need to be called upon.


Black Pearl Private Clients has a rigorous confidentiality procedure included as an integral part of the transaction advisory, succession planning and estate planning services.  All information disclosed to us is treated in a confidential manner.  In addition, where we have been engaged to sell your business, all approaches made on your behalf will be pre-approved by you and stringent confidentiality procedures are implemented to protect your identity and restrict the use and disclosure of any information provided to other parties.

Licensed and qualified

Black Pearl Private Clients is licensed to undertake business broking, succession planning and estate planning services.  Black Pearl Private Clients employees are Chartered Accountants (members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants), Certified Financial Planners (members of the Financial Planning Association) and Licensed Real Estate Agents/Business Agents.

Depth of network

Where required, Black Pearl Private Clients can provide you with access to its network of experts from the legal, accounting, tax and wealth management professions.  This network has been developed over many years of assisting clients to implement their business exit, succession and estate plans.

Maximise (after tax) business sale proceeds

Black Pearl Private Clients will work with you to identify one or more strategic buyers for your business.   Based on the information you and your accountant provide to us, we will prepare a comprehensive Information Memorandum that highlights the quality of the business and the opportunities for further enhancement.   We are skilled at working with your legal and tax advisers to ensure that any sale is as tax effective as legally possible after taking into account any financial and non-financial objectives you have.

Achieve business and personal goals

While maximising the proceeds is an important outcome from the sale of a business, for many business owners there are other objectives that they also want to achieve.   Black Pearl Private Clients will invest a significant amount of time with you at the commencement of our relationship in order to fully understand and appreciate the non-financial goals you seek to achieve in planning the exit from your business.   These may include ensuring that clients are appropriately advised going forward, that there is a cultural fit with the buyer and that loyal staff have enhanced career prospects.


In most instances, Black Pearl Private Clients does not advertise business sale or acquisition mandates.  Where advertising is required, any information that would result in the buyer or seller being identified is removed.  Most transactions that are managed by Black Pearl Private Clients are completed by way of direct approach to the pre-approved buyer (for sale mandates) or seller (for purchase mandates).